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Bringing your brand and customers together

Social media is about creating relationships, communication and sharing moments & stories that matters.

Customers today have seemingly unlimited choices and unlimited voices shouting at them with the intent of getting them to make a purchase.

How do you break through all the noise and distractions to get your (potential) customer’s attention?



If people are not aware of your brand, they cannot become a customer or an advocate of your brand. What do you want from a Social Media Strategy? Increased brand awareness? Get more shoppers to your online or brick and mortar location? Generate more qualified leads? Increase customer service/satisfaction? Educate people about your solutions?

Whatever your goal, getting started online and selecting the social media platform(s) that best suits your strategy is the first step.



You engage with your audience by humanizing your brand. Social media is about creating relationships, communication and sharing moments | stories that matters.

Customers don’t want to be constantly sold to with endless posts of sales, advertisements and fake brand promises. You engage by being authentic, an authority (knowledgeable, trustworthy, and approachable) and communicating content that connects your brand to people, and responding quickly to customer complaints, issues and questions.

You have to earn and keep (sometimes rebuild) the trust of your followers/customers.


-Show & Grow-

Like any great relationship, your social strategy has to have staying power - show you are committed - and do what your brand promise. This means moving beyond simply engagement and doing the ‘hows and whats’ - the real actionable processes.

How do you provide support? How do you encourage engagement? How do you create authentic & memorable content? What are the efforts that are working and not working? What are the latest trends you should be aware of to increase the richness of your relationship with your followers/customers?


Peart Design as your Social Media Management Partner

Do You Need a Social Media Management Partner & Why Choose us?


As a small or medium size business who do not have an in-house digital marketing team or a dedicated person to handle your social media strategy, it can fall short (or off) the priority calendar.

Some questions to ask: Have you established your Brand’s voice? Do you have the time to devote to setting up and managing social media accounts? Do you know how to communicate effectively through social media? Do you have content or need content to post to your followers? Can you afford to partner with an individual or agency in this effort?

We mentioned that social media is about authentic relationships and conversations, therefore hiring a social media management agency should not involve you just writing a check and forgetting about the process.

You are your brand’s voice and having a consultant handling all aspects of your strategy (posts, responses, relationships, etc) is akin to having a stranger posing and speaking for you in your personal relationship. You - whether the business owner or an appointed person in the organization - must work closely with your Social Media Consultant/Agency to make sure the brand’s voice, understanding of the business and it’s relationships with followers or customers are always adhere to - and authentic.

Hiring a social media management consultant/partner can help you focus on what you do best by building a team of experts to help you in your marketing efforts.

Why us?

We help by partnering with businesses like yours to ensure your social strategy is consistent, receive strategic advice, send timely posts and responses to your followers/customers, gain expertise and experience of a team, curate great content, have access to the latest technology, is cost effective, and you stay relevant.


What do we do?


Draft, create and queue content for scheduled (or optimal) send times on social platforms. All posts are discussed and approved by you prior to scheduling.

-Monitor Conversations & Brand Mentions-

We monitor the entire web for mentions of your brand in real time so you are the first to know and respond to conversations that could affect your brand and your relationship with your followers/customers.


-Reporting & Analytics-

Okay, so how do you know what’s working and what’s not? How do you know if your efforts are fruitful or failing? Is follower growth the metric to watch, or mentions & shares? We help you gain meaningful insights with deep dives into your reach, engagement, and measured performance - optimizing along the way to ensure you discover key connections and know your audience better.

-OUR Brand Promise-

We are excited to work with your brand, if you consider every interaction with your audience (customers, followers, prospects) as a unique opportunity to create value for each individual and create memorable experiences. That your relationships with your customers are not mass-produced cookie cutter and generic, rather an artisan approach that treat people as unique individuals, not commodities.

Our brand promise is to help you create experiences for your followers/customers that will intrigue, inspire, and inform them.

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